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[AUDITORY] ISSE - An Interactive Source Separation Editor

***Apologies for cross postings***

Dear List,

I am happy to announce the initial (alpha) release of ISSE - An Interactive Source Separation Editor.

ISSE is an open-source, freely available, cross-platform audio editing tool that allows a user to separate a single-channel mixture recording into its respective sources by painting on time-frequency visualizations of sound. ISSE is released in collaboration with Adobe Research and the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, and is the work of myself, Gautham Mysore (Adobe Research), and Prof. Ge Wang (CCRMA).

For more information, please see:
main website - http://isse.sourceforge.net/
demos - http://isse.sourceforge.net/demos.html
forum - http://isse.sourceforge.net/forum/
code - http://sourceforge.net/p/isse/code/ci/master/tree/
mailing list -Âhttps://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/isse-users

For those of you attending AES in NYC this week, I will be introducing ISSE at the Audio Source Separation Workshop http://www.aes.org/events/135/workshops/?ID=3668. ÂI will also be at ISMIR in Curitiba, Brazil in November and hope to discuss ISSE at the late Demo and Late Breaking Session.

Nick (Nicholas) J. Bryan
PhD Candidate
CCRMA, Stanford University