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Re: [AUDITORY] Successor to Cakewalk

Hello Ian,

Cakewalk is the current name of the company that develops Sonar and other music software http://www.cakewalk.com/
Actually the Sonar software has been around since several years now, and the latest version is called Sonar X3.
I think it's quite unlikely you didn't use a previous version of Sonar even on a 10 year old pc.

However, Cakewalk was also the name of a software sequencer developed by Twelve Tone Systems Inc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cakewalk_%28sequencer%29
Confusingly enough, in 1999 the company Twelve Tone Systems Inc. changed their name into Cakewalk, while at the same time changing the name of their software Cakewalk into Sonar...

Hope this helps.


On 16.10.13 18:59, Ian Colley wrote:
Hello List,

I am a graduate student studying music cognition and have been tasked with finding a suitable replacement for the program, Cakewalk.  Our lab has used it for past experiments but now our PC is being upgraded to Windows 7 which, to my knowledge, does not support Cakewalk.  I understand that SonarX2 is the current software in the Cakewalk family, but it seems that it may not be right for our purposes.  What we liked about Cakewalk was the ease of use and intuitive controls.  It made designing and presenting stimuli very straightforward as it could create playlists of customized music samples.  Also, users were able to adjust very specific qualities of individual pitches which was a useful characteristic.   

Is anyone familiar with Cakewalk and able to recommend a more up-to-date replacement?  Might SonarX2 be the best option?

Thank you,
Ian Colley