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Re: [AUDITORY] How to speak to people about hearing loss and high sound

One of the events that the ASA has been regularly hosting at its
biannual meetings is the Jam Session, which is very rock-oriented 
and sports very high sound levels. I can only handle about a half 
hour of it, but some people stay for the full three hours. 

Don't get me wrong -- I think the Jam Session is a great idea.
It's a lot of fun and a great release from all the technical
activity. But maybe some of the ASA P&P or Noise people on this 
list could pressure the ASA into supplying acoustically-tuned 
earplugs for the attendees?

(BTW, I have tinnitus, which I probably picked up from attending
too many electronic music concerts.)

James W. Beauchamp                                                
Professor Emeritus of Music and Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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>From: Christine Rankovic <rankovic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Dear List:
>For rock concerts, bands will probably not turn down the sound level any
>time soon because this is so much a part of the music culture, and lawsuits
>haven't worked yet.  Therefore, it may be worth considering providing
>"acoustically-tuned" earplugs to each ticketholder at concert venues
>(regular foam earplugs are unacceptable for concerts because they distort
>the sound too much).  The act of providing the earplugs sends a clear
>message to concert goers and people like "freebies."  It seems to me that
>earplug distribution could best be accomplished by venue owners, but
>hearing-preservation advocates could begin to pressure venues by
>distributing earplugs outside the venue.
>I have used non-custom acoustically-tuned earplugs from Etymotic Research as
>recently as last week's Jeff Beck concert here in Boston can attest that
>they preserve the sound very well.  
>Christine Rankovic, PhD
>Articulation Inc.
>Newton, MA