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[AUDITORY] Two Doctoral Positions Available – Auditory Percep tion, University of Louisville

Two Doctoral Positions Available – Auditory Perception, University of Louisville

Application Deadline: December 1, 2013.


The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Louisville invites applications to our Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology, with interests in auditory perception, broadly defined. There are two (2) positions that include both classroom and laboratory training in auditory perception and experimental psychology. Both positions have four years of guaranteed funding, which includes full coverage of all tuition and fee costs, health insurance, and an annual stipend of $22,000 USD. 


The first position will include research studying effects of predictable versus unpredictable signal properties on high-level auditory perception. Foci of the project include examining how predictable acoustic and/or statistical properties of sounds affect discrimination, categorization, and recognition of speech and nonspeech sounds, and understanding the roles of adaptation, learning, and experience in these processes. Additional information is available at www.louisville.edu/psychology/stilp and www.louisville.edu/psychology/stilp/lab.



The second position will include research studying the effects of acoustic reflections and reverberation on human sound localization and speech communication. Foci of the project include study of adaptive perceptual processes that facilitate listening performance in reflective environments and the potential impact of hearing loss on these processes. Specific training in virtual auditory space simulation technologies will also be available. Additional information is available at www.louisville.edu/psychology/zahorik and www.louisville.edu/psychology/zahorik/lab.


Research and training activities take place at both the University of Louisville, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (www.louisville.edu/psychology) and the Heuser Hearing Research Center (www.thehearinginstitute.org).  Together, these environments offer outstanding research facilities, as well as a broad and active research community in human perception and performance. 


Preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated excellence in academic performance and good quantitative/programming skills.  Previous experience in the hearing sciences, perceptual psychology, or related field is desirable, but not mandatory.


Application procedures and materials are available online at: http://louisville.edu/psychology/doctorate/experimental-psychology/apply.html and http://louisville.edu/psychology/graduate/vision-hearing/apply


Please address any inquiries regarding this position to:

Dr. Christian Stilp, email: christian.stilp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dr. Pavel Zahorik, email: pavel.zahorik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx