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Marie-Curie PhD Fellowship: Individual differences in cognitive style - deadline approaching!

Dear All,



Marie Curie PhD studentship available at Plymouth University, United Kingdom

DEADLINE APPROACHING: 30th November 2013


Be part of a 26-person strong team of PhD students to study the link between creativity and cognition. CogNovo is an Innovative Doctoral Programme, funded by the EU Marie Curie initiative and Plymouth University, to foster research training in the emerging field of Cognitive Innovation.



Project 5: Individual differences in cognitive style



Investigate the relationships between cognitive and perceptual flexibility in adults and children, and determine the neural correlates of perceptual flexibility and creativity.


When viewing or listening to ambiguous stimuli (stimuli with more than one possible interpretation) people experience changes in perceptual awareness in the absence of the stimulus change. These phenomena have been used to investigate how bottom-up sensory and top-down cognitive processes interact to determine perceptual awareness. Individuals vary considerably in their switching patterns, and these patterns can be idiosyncratic. Perceptual switching has been related to cognitive flexibility and the tendency to change one’s mind. This raises the interesting question as to whether perceptual switching patterns correspond to other measures of cognitive style, such as creativity or tolerance for monotony and at what age these different predispositions can be detected.


You will explore the relationships between cognitive and perceptual flexibility and their development through childhood, and investigate the neural correlates of perceptual flexibility and creative thinking.


Planned secondments:


Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Hungary (9 months: EEG experiments on multistability and creativity); Philips Research Labs, Netherlands (2 months: Multisensory experiments); Uni. Of Dundee, UK (1 month: Perceptual experiments of visual ambiguity).



Sue Denham, Marina Wimmer (Plymouth University), István Winkler (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Josephine Ross (University of Dundee), Raymond van Ee (Philips)


For more information about the project contact Prof Sue Denham: S.Denham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

For an application form and details of eligibility,  please visit:



Application forms and references can be emailed directly to Catherine Johnson: catherine.johnson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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