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Translating qualities for the perception of (spatial) audio: Seeking two English natives and one more non-native English speaker with a background in perceptual audio evaluation and additional capabilities in German language (I know, that's sounds special)

On behalf of the audio communication group of Prof. Weinzierl, Berlin, Germany:

Dear colleagues,

We are currently seeking two English natives and one non-English native speaker (e.g. from EU, but not GER, SUI, AUT) with an additional strong background of German (at best bilingual, otherwise at least medium to better reading, writing and speaking skills) which are used to describe qualities of (spatial) auditory perception in a differentiated manner and would like to help us in creating the English translation of an existing German descriptive vocabulary for the perception of virtual acoustic environments (to be presented at EAA Auralization and Ambisonics Symposium in Berlin, April 2014).

In case you feel addressed and would like to join us, we will provide you with a list of 48 German terms related to qualities of auditory perception and respective pre-translated English circumscriptions. Your task would be to deliver proposals for translations within 2 weeks (estimated time consumption for this task: 2 hours). Concurrently results of in total 5 translators will be discussed afterwards in a multi-party on-line video conference (estimated time 2-3 hours, you will need a standard Skype account).

In case you’d like to apply, please, give us some details about your specific mother tongue, your background in German language, and comment on your thematic expertise in the topic (e.g. with a link to list of publications).

Please answer to me:


Thank you and with best regards,

Alexander Lindau

Alexander Lindau, MA.

SEACEN research unit

Technical University of Berlin
Institute for Speech and Communication
Audio Communication Group
Einsteinufer 17c
D-10587 Berlin

office: EN 107
phone: +49 30 314 787 80
fax: +49 30 314 211 43
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