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Post-doc fellowship positions

3 Post-doc vacancies: The Acoustics Research Centre Salford

1. Perceptual modelling of Spatial Audio
2. Listener Experience of Spatial Audio
3. Spatial Audio Engineering

1. http://tinyurl.com/qy2sjh7
2. http://tinyurl.com/njeq7ml
3. http://tinyurl.com/o9f6kwq

The Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Salford is looking to employ 3 postdoctoral research fellows to work on an EPSRC funded programme grant on spatial audio. 3D sound can offer listeners the experience of "being there" at a live event, such as the Proms, but currently requires highly controlled listening spaces and loudspeaker setups. The goal of the programme grant is to realise practical 3D audio for the general public at home. The project is a collaboration with the Universities of Surrey and Southampton, and the BBC. (There will also be post-doctoral positions at the other two Universities.)

1. Your main role will be to lead the work carried out at Salford on quality of experience for listeners. You will develop an understanding of how spatial audio is perceived in places where the general public consume content. Your work will focus on imperfect spatial audio set-ups, for instance carrying out perceptual tests to determine when spatial auditory illusions created for TV, film, radio and games break down. We expect candidates to have a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, multimedia perception, audio quality in telecommunications or another relevant field. You should have experience of carrying out perceptual measurements and statistical analysis, and knowledge of sensory perception.

2. You will lead the work developing spatial audio models at Salford University. State-of-the-art models exist that mimic our ability to localise sounds. However, the quality of experience of spatial audio is much more than localisation. Your work will focus on the perception of imperfect spatial audio set-ups, developing perceptual models which will allow us to evaluate when spatial auditory illusions created for TV, film, radio and games break down. We expect candidates to have a Ph.D. in hearing, neuroscience, or another relevant research area. The successful candidate will have experience of developing perceptual models and knowledge of perception and cognition.

3. You will lead the work at Salford University investigating how real environments and imperfect transducer configurations affect the reproduction of spatial audio. You will do this by carrying out and analysing acoustic measurements, developing prediction models of spatial audio systems and encoding prototype systems. We expect candidates to have a Ph.D. in acoustics, preferably in spatial audio. The successful candidate will be proficient in programming, acoustic experimentation and dsp.


For informal enquiries please contact Professor Trevor Cox, t.j.cox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxï



Trevor Cox

Professor of Acoustic Engineering

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