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FW: [EXTERNAL]My Thesis Survey

Dear List,


I have a student from Reed College, Julianne Myers, who has started observing in my lab while simultaneously working on a senior thesis in Psychology. She is studying the ability of people to create and perceive auditory images.


She has developed a survey regarding musical experience history and auditory imaging abilities to accompany her experiments, and I suggested that the Auditory List might be a good place to publicize this.


Participation requires 10-15 minutes. If you use the MTurk link, you can earn $0.15 on completion, to be claimed through Amazon.com for participating.



Here is the link to just take the survey:


And here is the link to go through MTurk and receive $0.15 for participating:


For further information, please contact Julianne Myers at juliemyers@xxxxxx



Please pass along or publicize as you can. Thanks!




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