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PhD position in musical acoustics at Edinburgh University (UK) + Acoustics MSc degree

Hi there (apologies for any cross-postings),

The Acoustics and Audio Group at the University of Edinburgh has now announced a new, fully funded PhD position within our Group. The position is in the area of brass instrument acoustics. Both experimental and simulation work is expected to be carried out.

This is part of the large Batwoman Initial Training Network (www.batwoman.eu).

Details here:

Our research Group's announcement page is here:

Any questions can be directed to Prof Murray Campbell: dmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
or Mike Newton: michael.newton@xxxxxxxx

Please note also that our Group is also continuing to offer a 1-year taugt masters degree (MSc) in Acoustics and Music Technology. This degree provides a great preparatory year for further research in acoustics and signal processing. The application window is still open, with further details at:


Many thanks,

Dr Michael Newton
School of Music
University of Edinburgh
MSc/Diploma in Acoustics and Music Tech:
MusICA Seminars:

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