Huron's proposal ("Albert Bregman, Tel: 514-398-6103" )

Subject: Huron's proposal
From:    "Albert Bregman, Tel: 514-398-6103"  <IN09(at)MUSICB.MCGILL.CA>
Date:    Mon, 21 Sep 1992 16:52:50 EDT

Dear David Huron, and AUDITORY list, I'm sure that you'll hear about it directly from him, but Robert Remez has done virtually the exact experiment that you are proposing. However, the relative ease of the two tasks does not tell you anything about the nature of the interaction between the processes involved in their execution. One might simply be more practiced than the other. We need evidence that the speech recognition task actually subtracts sense data away from the view of the sine-wave recognition task. To prove this, one would want to show that the sine wave task is not necessarily harder, but that it comes up with a description that looks as though some of the energy had been subtracted from the signal. That needs an explicit response to loudness. - Al Bregman

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