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Subject: Terminology
From:    "Albert Bregman, Tel: 514-398-6103"  <IN09(at)MUSICB.MCGILL.CA>
Date:    Tue, 1 Dec 1992 12:18:20 EST

Re David Huron's suggestions about terminology, here are my preferences, written in upper-case following his, which are in quotes: "sonic object" ACOUSTIC EVENT - "an objective acoustic event" "auditory image - the subjective experience of an acoustic event" AUDITORY OBJECT - THE SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE OF A SINGLE BOUNDED AUDITORY UNIT WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE PART OF A LONGER STREAM. sonic emission - an objective ongoing acoustic activity ACOUSTIC SEQUENCE auditory stream - the subjective experience of an on-going acoustic activity - A SUBJECTIVE EXPERIENCE, INVOLVING AN ONGOING ACTIVITY OF AN AUDITORY SOURCE. ONE OF MY GOALS IN CHOOSING THESE TERMS WAS TO USE THE WORD ACOUSTIC FOR PHYSICAL SOUND, AND AUDITORY FOR SUBJECTIVE SOUND. (I PREFER THE GREEK "ACOUSTIC" TO THE LATIN "SONIC" MAINLY BECAUSE IT IS WIDELY USED IN THE NATURAL SCIENCES) ACOUSTIC SEQUENCE IS NOT QUITE RIGHT BECAUSE THE TERM IMPLIES A SUBDIVISION INTO UNITS, BUT IT HAS THE VIRTUE OF BEING IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTANDABLE. ... ... In summary, what do people think of the following terminology? OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE sonic object auditory image (OR AUDITORY OBJECT) or sonic event ACOUSTIC EVENT sonic emission auditory stream or sonic flow ACOUSTIC SEQUENCE -AL BREGMAN

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