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Date:    Thu, 11 Mar 1993 11:20:51 -0500

I would like to use this list to announce the publication of a book which should be of interest to hearing researchers from a number of disciplines. The book consists of a number of refereed articles, which were presented at a meeting held at the Royal Society (London) in December 1991. The authors, whose research interests range from hair-cell biology through neural physiology and psychophysics to music perception, were all invited speakers at the conference, and the quality of the contributions reflects this. The book is published in the U.K. by Oxford University Press, who also have offices in New York. Furthermore, it's a bargain at 35 pounds, and I assume that the U.S. price is also fairly cheap. Further details, including a table of contents, follow.... Bob Carlyon PROCESSING OF COMPLEX SOUNDS BY THE AUDITORY SYSTEM Edited by R.P. Carlyon, C.J. Darwin, and I.J. Russell Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0 19 852272 X. Price 35 pounds TABLE OF CONTENTS E F EVANS Auditory processing of complex sounds: an overview M A RUGGERO, L ROBLES, N C RICH & A RECIO Basilar membrane responses to two-tone and broadband stimuli I J RUSSELL & M KOSSL Sensory transduction and frequency selectivity in the basal turn of the guinea-pig cochlea. B A WRIGHT & D MCFADDEN Evidence that adaptation of suppression cannot account for auditory enhancement or enhanced forward masking. J W HALL & J H GROSE Masking release for gap detection. B C J MOORE & M J SHAILER Modulation discrimination interference and auditory grouping. R P CARLYON The psychophysics of concurrent sound segregation Q SUMMERFIELD & J F CULLING Auditory segregation of competing voices: absence of effects of FM and AM coherence. S ROSEN Temporal information in speech: acoustic, auditory and linguistic aspects. A KOHLRAUSCH & A J M HOUTSMA Pitch related to spectral edges of broadband signals. S MCADAMS & J-C CUNIBILE Perception of timbral analogies. D DEUTSCH Some new pitch paradoxes and their implications. X WANG & M B SACHS Coding of envelope modulation in the auditory nerve and anteroventral cochlear nucleus. L H CARNEY Modelling the sensitivity of cells in the anteroventral cochlear nucleus to spatiotemporal discharge patterns. E D YOUNG, G A SPIROU, J J RICE & H F VOIGT Neural organization and responses to complex stimuli in the dorsal cochlear nucleus. A R PALMER, A REES & D CAIRD Binaural masking and sensitivity to interaural delay in the inferior colliculus. N SUGA Philosophy and stimulus design for neuroethology of complex-sound processing.

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