Auditory vrs. Visual Learning (Gregory Kramer )

Subject: Auditory vrs. Visual Learning
From:    Gregory Kramer  <70312.265(at)COMPUSERVE.COM>
Date:    Tue, 26 Oct 1993 16:52:48 EDT

Dear Colleagues: Could anyone guide me to literature that suggests that some people learn better aurally than visually? From what I gather, the work with dyslexics mostly implies that since some people can't read well but can listen to words and extract information, that these people are 'auditory' learners. I am more interested in work that extends this beyond the printed/spoken word comparison to non-speech audio. Thank you. Greg Gregory Kramer Clarity/Nelson Lane Garrison, NY 10524 914-424-4071 fax:914-424-3467 email: kramer(at)

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