Sub. & Ob. Testing-Divinyi and McAdams (Gregory Kramer )

Subject: Sub. & Ob. Testing-Divinyi and McAdams
From:    Gregory Kramer  <70312.265(at)COMPUSERVE.COM>
Date:    Wed, 27 Oct 1993 10:55:32 EDT

From: Gregory Kramer It seems that the Deutsch discussion has brought us to the edge of one of the more difficult issues, one that I face regularly in Auditory Display: Subjective vrs. Objective and Qualitative vrs. Quantitative. Trying to understand the dynamics of how a display is perceived is different from, but crucial to, understanding how well it works. There are many aspects to this and not all of these can be easily boiled down to numbers. For example, relative to the Deutsch pitch-perception discussion, we would ask: How does cultural background effect the usefulness (for a selected group) of a sonification display or auditory interface? Also: How do the aesthetics of the sound impact the effectiveness of the display as regards getting the desired information across to the user? There are many such questions. At the same time, other issues will yield to forced choice, task performance and other more quantifiable approaches. Feedback on this is most welcome. Greg Gregory Kramer Clarity/Santa Fe Institute Nelson Lane Garrison, NY 10524 914-424-4071 fax:914-424-3467 email: kramer(at)

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