Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) (Ronald Lee Stone )

Subject: Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)
From:    Ronald Lee Stone  <ston0030(at)GOLD.TC.UMN.EDU>
Date:    Thu, 9 Dec 1993 01:49:40 -0600

To anyone interested, here is a new discussion group. Included text follows: ====================== ++New List Announcement++ RADIO-L mailing list, RADIO-L(at)UMINN1 (BITNET) RADIO-L(at) (Internet), Discussion of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) The recently created RADIO-L discussion list is a forum for addressing the issues involved in the transition to a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) standard in the United States and other countries. Discussion regarding the relative technological merits of various DAB proposals, as well as the social and economic implications of a transition to DAB is welcome and encouraged on this list. Digital audio broadcasting offers improved sound quality, technical superiority, and economic efficiency over current AM and FM analog broadcasting. The United States is scheduling tests of various DAB proposals beginning summer 1994. Anyone can join. To join, quit, or change address; send a message to LISTSERV(at)UMINN1 (BITNET) LISTSERV(at) (Internet) Feel free to cross post this announcement. =============================== end of included text Until later, Ron ________________________________________________________________ Ronald L. Stone : ston0030(at) : (612) 644-9706 graduate student : Scientific & Technical Communication Department of Rhetoric : University of Minnesota, St. Paul ----------------------------------------------------------------

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