History of Informational Sound (Gregory Kramer )

Subject: History of Informational Sound
From:    Gregory Kramer  <70312.265(at)COMPUSERVE.COM>
Date:    Tue, 4 May 1993 16:28:58 EDT

Hello, Auditory. As I prepare an introduction to the proceedings of ICAD, the International Conference on Auditory Display, I am gathering material on historical uses of non-speech audio to convey information. The workshop was on the use of non-speech audio at the human/machine interface and included auditory data representation and more general auditory interfaces. (By the way, Al Bregman was kind enough to write an excellent Foreword to the volume.) In looking for the predecessors to this work, examples such as the use of radios to diagnose early computers by way of their interference, early SONAR development, even alarms, church bells, and automobile engine diagnosis are of some interest. Can anybody refer me to papers, chapters, anecdotal information, and people who might help make this a more complete and interesting work? Thanks. Please respond to: Gregory Kramer: kramer(at)santafe.edu Clarity Nelson Lane Garrison, NY 10524

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