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Subject: hair cell- refs.
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Date:    Thu, 6 May 1993 15:51:12 EDT

Dear List, thank you for the leads and references about hair cell injury and regeneration. Since others seemed interested in this area as well, here's a summary of the responses I received: ".... the recent work of Doug Cotanch et al. at Boston U. is concerned e with hair cell regeneration in chicks" . in "Consult Jont Allen at AT&T Murray Hill. He's been at work on the Cochlea for years ..." ned " Try Barbara Bohne or (Marty?) Silverman at CID ..." ohne, " There was the special session at the ARO. Talk to the speakers of that session." " recently heard of a research group at the University of Virginia d headed by Jeff Corwin, who hace managed to grow hair cells from tissue taken from either the vestibular canals or the cochlea (I forget ow which). They are developing a derivative of Vitamin A which, they report, stimulates the regeneration of hair cells from mouse embryos. Nor sure of the reference - try issues of Science in early March '93." Cam Marean (GCAMERON(at)U.WASHINGTON.EDU) at U.of Washington is working on hair cell regeneration with Ed Rubel etc. He might know of relevant refs. " There is a review of acoustic injury in the cochlea by Saunders, Cohen, & Szymko in 1991 issue of JASA - vol 90, page 136-146. This review includes a section onhair cell regeneration in the chick. " " see A. Forge, et al., Ultrastructural evidence for hair cell n in th regeneration in mammalian inner ear, Science 259, 1616-1618. " " there is a recent one in Science that claims that regeneration is le. possible" Pierre Divenyi has refs. on hair translplantation (on the head? - tongue in cheek?) I retrieved the JASA (1991) article mentioned above, and it is a comprehensive review with extensive references. Thanks Bill Woods, Rebecca Mercuri, Jont Allen, Chuck Watson, Kevin Baker, Linda Polka, Shari Campbell, Kathy Barsz, John Madden, for your help. Punita

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