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Subject: Int. Congress of Psych.
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Date:    Wed, 9 Jun 1993 18:26:15 EDT

June 9, 1993 Dear Colleagues, The XXVIth INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PSYCHOLOGY will be held in Montreal, Canada from August 16 to 21, 1996. Some time ago, the organizing committee circulated a call for suggestions for symposia, keynote speakers, and state-of-the-art lectures. It is not too late to make suggestions if you want your area of interest to be represented at this congress. The committee is also anxious to encourage participation from countries that have not previously had a strong presence at international meetings. Psychologists from the Ibero-American countries, Eastern Europe, and the developing world are warmly welcomed. Many of these people are unknown to the committee and have no access to electronic mail. So if you know of such persons, could you take the time to either mail or fax a copy of this announcement to them? The forms for making proposals follow. The names and addresses of persons to whom replies should be sent are listed on the forms. ================================================= FORM FOR SYMPOSIA: ----------------------------------------------------------- XXVIth INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PSYCHOLOGY Montreal, Canada August 16-21, 1996 SYMPOSIUM PROPOSAL Title: Field within Psychology: Brief Description: Suggest Conveners: 1.) Name: 2.) Name: Address: Address: Tel.: ( ) Tel.: ( ) Fax.: ( ) Fax.: ( ) E-mail: E-mail: Salience in Topic Area (check one): Salience in Topic Area (check one): __1. The best known researcher __1. The best known researcher __2. One of the leading researchers __2. One of the leading researchers __3. An active contributor __3. An active researcher Suggested Participants (preferably from different countries): Name Affiliation/Country 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Proposer (you may choose not to answer this last section): Name: Address: Tel.: ( ) Fax.: ( ) E-mail: (SEE OVER...) SYMPOSIA: INFORMATION FOR PROPOSALS The objective of an International Congress symposium is not to promote in- depth discussion of technical matters, which can better take place at more specialized meetings, but rather to allow critical assessment of recent advances in a particular line of study, from which psychologists in it or other fields might benefit. Each symposium will in principle involve four to five speakers. The composition of the panel of participants should take into account the international character of the Congress. Whereas the quality of the presentations must be the major consideration, efforts should be made to include participants from several member countries. Ideally, each speaker should represent a different country. In any case, there should be no more than two speakers from a single country. The organization of each symposium will be entrusted to a convener, who will define the theme and invite the speakers, in consultation with the Program Committee. Conveners can chair the session if they wish or give a presentation. They can also elect not to be included among the announced speakers, but have a presentation in reserve in case one of the latter fails to show up. The inclusion of invited discussants will not be encouraged. The discussion, to which a half hour will be reserved, should best occur between panel members and the audience. Although simultaneous translation for the two official languages of the International Union of Psychological Science, English and French, will be available at the Congress for selected activities, it will probably not be available for symposia. A proposal should indicate a convener (and an alternate), a short title, a brief description, and an indication of the field of study. The suggestion of possible speakers would be helpful. It would also be preferable if those formulating proposals indicated their knowledge of the proposed participants' speaking ability and their salience in the topic area. One can propose a symposium without wanting to be convener or speaker. Unfortunately, not all proposals can be accepted. The Program Committee will have to select among the proposals to take account of available space, geographical and national representation, and a necessary balance among areas of psychological inquiry. The Committee may have to integrate overlapping proposals. Proposal forms should be sent to the Chair of the Symposia Subcommittee: Dr. Keith Dion Department of Psychology University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A1 CANADA Tel.: 1-416-978-7613 Fax.: 1-416-978-4811 E-mail: DIONKL(at)PSYCH.UTORONTO.CA ================================================= FORM FOR LECTURES: ----------------------------------------------------------------- XXVIth INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PSYCHOLOGY Montreal, Canada August 16-21, 1996 PROPOSAL FOR INVITED KEYNOTE ADDRESS*/ STATE OF THE ART LECTURE* (*delete inappropriate) Name of Suggested Invited Speaker: Institution Department Complete mail address: City/Country: Tel.: ( ) Fax.: ( ) E-mail: Field/Possible topics for Presentation: Salience in Topic Area (check one): Speaking Ability(check one): __1. The best known researcher __1. An excellent speaker __2. One of the leading researchers __2. A good speaker __3. An active contributor __3. An average speaker __4. Have not heard speak Other Supporting Comments Proposer: Name: Address: Tel.: ( ) Fax.: ( ) E-mail: Proposal forms should be sent to the Chair of the Invited Speakers Subcommittee Dr. Fergus Craig Department of Psychology University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario M5S 1A1 CANADA Tel.: 1-416-978-7815 Fax.: 1-416-978-4811 E-mail: craik(at)

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