auditory vs visual ("Piet G. Vos" )

Subject: auditory vs visual
From:    "Piet G. Vos"  <VOS(at)NICI.KUN.NL>
Date:    Thu, 24 Jun 1993 12:11:00 MET

Bop Port's RE to M-A Decoste's Q is a substantial one: Indeed, also in tracking tasks, e.g. requiring to tap in synchrony to a metronome, response variability is systematically larger when the metronome is a visual one (light flashes) instead of the auditory standard. In further agreement with the explanation in terms of different type of physiological processing systems for higher speed and accuracy with auditory reactions is the well established fact that a LED-bound temporal interval is subjectively longer than an objectively equally long click-bound interval. More generally spoken, auditory perception is systematically superior in the domain of time perception and production, and this conclusion is supported by a large number of convergent comparative studies on this issue (c.f. e.g. Walker & Scott, JEP-HPP '81). Piet G. Vos

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