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From:    Kathy Barsz  <BARSZ(at)UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 1 Jun 1994 10:41:55 -0500

From: IN%"COMPSYCH(at)splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu" 31-MAY-1994 10:37:56.36 To: IN%"barsz(at)UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU" CC: Subj: Missing Child Return-path: <COMPSYCH(at)splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu> Received: from splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu by UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU (PMDF V4.2-11 #5424) id <01HCZIDREXHC000LES(at)UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU>; Tue, 31 May 1994 10:37:49 EST Received: from splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu by splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu (PMDF V4.2-11 #3312) id <01HCZIAXJE808WX0RT(at)splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu>; Tue, 31 May 1994 10:35:25 EST Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 10:35:25 -0500 (EST) From: COMPSYCH(at)splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu Subject: Missing Child To: barsz(at)UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU Message-id: <01HCZIAXK75U8WX0RT(at)splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu> Organization: SUNY at Plattsburgh, New York, USA X-VMS-To: in%"barsz(at)uno.cc.geneseo.edu" MIME-version: 1.0 Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT From: IN%"DUFFY(at)UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU" 27-MAY-1994 16:24:12.96 To: IN%"COMPSYCH(at)SPLAVA.CC.PLATTSBURGH Hi, this may seem like a strange request, but we have a four-year old girl missing in Rochester. Someone on TV suggested we use internet to send out the info so that it spreads quickly. Do you think you could send the following info to all the psychologists around the state? A four-year old, blonde, blue-eyed girl is missing from Rochester, NY. The police believe she has been abducted by (a) stranger(s). Her name is Kali (said Kaylee) Poulton. If you have any information, please call the hot line set up for this purpose in Rochester at (716) 586-9131. I hope you can help. Thanks, Karen Duffy, SUNY Geneseo.

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