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Date:    Thu, 23 Jun 1994 14:39:12 EDT

Dear Auditory list members, For those of you who are considering going to the ICPR meetings in Israel, I am enclosing a message sent to me by David Malah. - Al Bregman +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ From: david malah <malah(at)dekel.technion.ac.il> Dear Program Committee Member, I am enclosing below for your information the list of Session Chairmen for the Signal Processing Track and details on the Invited Talks in the Special Session on "Advances in Signal Processing". I am also enclosing a message from the Chairman of the Computer Vision and Image Processing Track about a Panel on "Computer Vision and Image/Video Compression" that he has organized. Finally, you'll find below a recent update I received concerning the proceedings and paper preparation (for those who are interested). In response to queries, I would like to clarify that it is the practice of this conference (as many other) that PC members, who attend the conference (and we wish and hope that most of you will attend), as well as Session Chairmen, invited speakers, etc., all have to register, as any other attendee. Registration information was mailed to you in my last e-mail. As this could well be my last BROADCAST e-mail concerning the conference I would like to use this opportunity and thank you again for your invaluable help and for your cooperation, which made it possible to put together a high quality and interesting program. I am looking forward to meet many of you, if not all, in Jerusalem. All the best, David Malah ============================================================================ 12th ICPR - Signal Processing ----------------------------- Sessions -------- 1. Image Coding Chairman: M. Tekalp, University of Rochester 2. Wavelets Chairman: R. Coifman, Yale University 3. Image Restoration and Reconstruction Chairman: Y. Bresler, University of Illinois 4. Image Mapping and Visualization Chairman: E. Karnin, IBM Israel, Science and Technology 5. Signal Analysis and Recognition Chairman: S. Furui, NTT Human Interface Labs (Japan) 6. Auditory Scene Analysis Chairman: S. Williams, University of Sheffield (UK) 7. Special Session - "Advances In Signal Processing" Chairman: D. Malah, Technion Invited Talks: 1. H. Van Trees, George Mason University IMPROVED PERFORMANCE BOUNDS FOR PARAMETER ESTIMATION 2. R. Coifman, Yale University WAVELET-PACKETS AS A TOOL FOR FEATURE EXTRACTION AND DISCRIMINATION 3. Y. Bresler, University of Illinois UNIFIED TIME-SEQUENTIAL SAMPLING THEORY FOR SPATIO-TEMPORAL SIGNALS ========================================================================== 1994 ICPR Panel --------------- Thursday, October 13, 1994, 8:30 - 10:00 am COMPUTER VISION AND IMAGE/VIDEO COMPRESSION Goal of Panel: To explore the interrelationship between computer vision and image/video compression, especially to discuss the potential use of computer vision ideas and techniques in achieving high image quality and low bitrates. Chair: T. S. Huang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Panel Members: P. Bouthemy, IRISA, France R. Chellappa, University of Maryland D. Malah, Technion, Israel W. A. Pearlman, RPI R. Picard, MIT M. Tekalp, University of Rochester ========================================================================== 12-ICPR Proceedings/Paper Preparation ------------------------------------- The proceedings of the 12th ICPR are published by the IEEE Computer Society. regular papers are allowed 5 pages, and posters are allowed 3 pages. One extra page can be purchased for approximately $110.00, which have to be included with the submission of the final manuscript to the IEEE. Authors kits, including exact instructions, mats, and various forms (copyright, etc), will be sent out by the IEEE during July 1994. The final manuscripts are due at the IEEE by August 7. You could get samples of the ieee format (using different spacing) by anonymous FTP or by E-Mail. To use anonymous ftp, connect to: ftp.huji.ac.il (user: anonymous. Password: your E-Mail). Once logged on, perform the following ftp commands: ------ cd pub/ICPR get ieee1.tex get ieee2.tex get ieee3.tex quit ------ These sample LaTeX files can also be retrieved by E-Mail as follows: Send E-Mail to ftpmail(at)cs.huji.ac.il having the following lines: ------- open cd pub/ICPR get ieee1.tex get ieee2.tex get ieee3.tex quit ------- General 12-ICPR information, including registration forms and instructions how to obtain the advance program, can be obtained by sending E-Mail to icpr-info(at)cs.huji.ac.il ============================================================================

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