Re: Mac/MIDI interfaces for research purposes ("David F. Rosenthal" )

Subject: Re: Mac/MIDI interfaces for research purposes
From:    "David F. Rosenthal"  <dfr(at)BRAZIL.IMRF.OR.JP>
Date:    Thu, 7 Jul 1994 11:06:48 +0900

Dear Petr, I found this through the WWW list of usenet FAQ's. Some of the sites listed have ftp-able MIDI documentation. Hope you find it helpful. dfr Posted-By: auto-faq 2.4 Archive-name: music/midi/archives --------------------------------------------- Version: $Id: archives,v 1.66 1994/06/23 14:03:02 piet Exp $ Note: the latest version of this file is available from the archive as MIDI/DOC/archives (see below how to access the archive) and on the various news.answers archives. This archive also contains a lot of midi music and programs. A large collection of midifiles can be found on, in /systems/ibmpc/ultrasound/sound/midi/files. Some of these files are specific for the Gravis Ultrasound card but most are also usable for other synthesizers. There is an FTP archive at [] . It contains a.o. MIDI files, patches and a few programs. See the directory 'midi'. Also one at [] (directory 'music/midi') [] contains Atari stuff in directory '/atari/Music'. [] contains netjam submissions on midifiles in directory '/misc/netjam/submissions/'. [] has patches, samples, sequences and software in 'pub/midi/'. Sites for MIDI Sample Dump Standard programs and samples: [], directory /pub/sds [], directory sds [] is a site that just started to collect music stuff. It has patches for Roland JV-80/880/1000 in directory /pub/music/Patches/JV80. It also contains Macintosh specific stuff, a.o. a demo of Symbolic Composer. [] has EPS-16+ samples in /eps/samples. A list is in /eps/docs/samples/sample.index.txt. More EPS info is in /eps/docs/. There are some programs for the EPS in /eps/utils (Atari ST and MSDOS). See /eps/docs/utils for info. Two ftp sites for the Kurzweil K2000: 1) (maintained by jbuckman(at) 2) (maintained by martin(at) in /pub/music contains various conversion programs. Roland Samplers: There is an FTP archive that includes introductory information, useful utilities (read Roland disks on your computer), archives of the mailing list, and some samples. The archive is on in the pub/sgroup directory. There also is a ftp-site with TX16W samples, maintained by one of the TX16W list-members. FTP to, the samples are in the directory "pub/tx16w/samples". There are also back issues of the TX-16W newsletter in pub/tx16w/mail. Archives of the Music-Research Digest can be found at [12128.91.2.173] in directory pub/Music.Research [] has a couple of msdos files in 'pub/files/ibm/midi' There is an EMAX (I and II) FTP site at ( some samples, FAQ, archives of mailing list and some software to allow sample interchange for PC compatibles Cakewalk files can be found at [] in 'pub/msdos/sound/cakewalk' and also on (see above). There are several MIDI programs for MS Windows in OS/2 programs can be found on []. Directories /pub/os2/2_x/mmedia and /pub/os2/2_1/mmedia contain the bulk of the MIDI-related files for OS/2. (There is a specific ftp site for OS/2 multimedia in the formative stages right now, but it is not yet in operation.) For a full index of OS/2 files at that site, retrieve /pub/os2/00index.txt. Submissions may be placed in /pub/os2/incoming. [] contains some Macintosh stuff and the EMUSIC-L mailing list archives. [] has a midi archive in mac/sound/midi Other Macintosh sites: See the file Mac-archives in this directory. An FTP site for predominantly D-70-related files: /pub/D70 on DIGITECH RP-1 MIDI guitar effect pedals and some other midi stuff. Apple 2 MIDI Synth archives can be found on [] in the pub/apple2/music/synthlab/ directory. They are mirrored on [] Amiga users can get some things by mail from mrcserv(at) (send a HELP message first) For amiga see also the aminet sites: There is a listserv containing e-music related stuff at American University. Send a message to listserv(at)auvm.bitnet containing the line: get emusic filelist IRCAM: We are opening an anonymous ftp site, Since we are connected to the Internet via a 9600b line, please try to do your bulk transfers between 10pm MET and 8 am MET as a courtesy to our users. Please use, don't abuse! (amongst others:) music/ Computer music software and info archives/ List of directories of some well-known comp music ftp sites databases/ Music databases doc/ Documentation FAQ/ FAQ about audio, dsp, etc... MIDI/ MIDI standard definition papers/ Papers on music OMR/ Bibliographies in Optical Music Recognition programs/ Repository of public domain computer music programs ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Computer Music Journal Internet Archive and World-Wide Web Home Page: and Tables of contents, abstracts, and editor's notes of several volumes of CMJ. World-Wide Web (WWW) home page in the file CMJ.html (e.g. URL ------------------------------------------------------------------------ /pub/cubase Cubase archive. Contains Atari, Mac and MSWindows demos ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A site with information, patches etc. of Waldorf products, contains also a lot of other Midi stuff. Also reachable by email to archive-server(at) (send a HELP message). See also mailing list section below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ / contains several music files, demos etc. (not only MIDI, but also MODs etc). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ You'll find some NoiseTracker/SoundTracker MOD files, and Soundblaster things on the following FTP sites: /pc/sb and /pc/music Wuarchive.Wustl.Edu Simtel20.Army.Mil /pub/amiga/audio /pub/atari/sound /pub/unix/sound /pub/msdos/sound /amiga/mirror/mods /misc/mods /incoming/mods /pub/amiga/mods /pub/amiga/ianet/mods ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The demo version of QSEQ, a complete sequencer for MSDOS/SoundBlaster, is available by email automatic server. Just send a message to qseqmail(at) with the following line in the body of the message: sendqseqto <your-complete-email-address> or sendhelpto <your-complete-email-address> , if you just want an help file about the mailer and QSEQ. QSEQ is also available on SIMTEL mirrors (, etc...). And from ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAILING LISTS: NOTE: The adresses mentioned are those where you can subscribe or get info about the list. The lists themselves usually have the name without the -request if that part is present, or LISTNAME(at)HOST if the command to subscribe is SUBSCRIBE LISTNAME sent to LISTSERV(at)HOST. Alesis Quadraverb qv-interest-request(at) Algorithmic composition majordom(at) message: subscribe ALGO-COMP Alternate Tunings LISTPROC(at)VARESE.MILLS.EDU message: A blank line followed by: SUBSCRIBE TUNING <Your Name> (Greg Higgs at higgs(at) Analogue Heaven analogue-request(at) Cakewalk LISTSERV(at)LISTS.COLORADO.EDU message: SUBS CAKEWALK <your full name> Cubase cubase-users-request(at) DIGITECH RP-1 MIDI guitar effect pedals RP-1-L(at)ECN.NL, bernards(at) (Marcel Bernards) DX-7 xeno(at) (Gary L Snethen) EMU Emax emax-request(at) K2000 LISTSERV(at) message: SUBSCRIBE K2000 Your Full Name Korg 01/W korg-admin(at) (Bill Huston) netjam netjam-request(at) with Subject: request for info Notator (EMagic's) Fokke de Boer <> Ensoniq VFX vfx-request(at) EPS eps-request(at) Roland Samplers sgroup-request(at) Roland D-70 cyamamot(at)kilroy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Clifford Yamamoto) Roland JV-80/880 jv80-request(at) message: #SUBSCRIBE <Your e-mail address> Roland U20/U220 phantom(at) (James Choi) Sound Blaster progr. listserv(at) message: subscribe blaster Your Full Name TX16W majordomo(at) message: subscribe tx16w Your Full Name Yamaha SY sy-request(at) EMUSIC-L LISTSERV(at)AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU (LISTSERV(at)AUVM.BITNET) (Discussions on message: SUBS EMUSIC-L Your Full Name electronic Music) Digest form: SUBS EMUSIC-D Your Full Name SYNTH-L LISTSERV(at)AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU (LISTSERV(at)AUVM.BITNET) message: SUBS SYNTH-L Your Full Name SQ-x/KS-32 ks32-request(at) Waldorf (+other) users user-forum-request(at) Subject: subscribe Wavestation listserver(at) message: SUBSCRIBE WAVESTATION Your Full Name Women's issues in music LISTSERV(at)IUBVM.UCS.INDIANA.EDU (LISTSERV(at)IUBVM.BITNET) message: SUBSCRIBE WIML-L Your Full Name ------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE: I am setting up a midi archive on our machine, so if you have info about PD stuff (programs and midifiles) please share with me. And if you want to share some of your own things that will be appreciated. The archive is available with ftp from [], directory MIDI. Also by a mail-server - send mail to mail-server(at) with the following contents: BEGIN PATH <a valid mail address to you> HELP send MIDI/INDEX END Note: specify a correct address (e.g. user(at) or user(at)host.BITNET) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Piet* van Oostrum, Dept of Computer Science, Utrecht University, Padualaan 14, P.O. Box 80.089, 3508 TB Utrecht, The Netherlands. Telephone: +31 30 531806 Uucp: uunet!mcsun!ruuinf!piet Telefax: +31 30 513791 Internet: piet(at) (*`Pete')

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