Re: time compression (Rory Stuart )

Subject: Re: time compression
From:    Rory Stuart  <stuart(at)NYNEXST.COM>
Date:    Mon, 11 Jul 1994 21:55:56 +0500

> From: Dan Freed <dfreed(at)SONIC.COM> > Subject: time compression > The package of Unix software from the Computer Audio Research Laboratory > (CARL) at Univerisity of California, San Diego includes an implementation of > the phase vocoder, which can do time compression and expansion. I'm not > sure exactly who to contact these days, but calling the UCSD Music Dept. > would probably lead in the right direction. Alternatively, you might > contact the International Computer Music Association, which has recently > started up an Internet-accessible library of computer music software. > They're based in San Francisco. > If anyone on the list gets a chance to contact the folks Dan Freed mentioned and learns of free Internet-accessible software for UNIX workstations that does these things, would you please post the site information to this list? Thanks! -Rory Stuart

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