Macintosh-based sound editing and analysis tools (Mark DeWitt )

Subject: Macintosh-based sound editing and analysis tools
From:    Mark DeWitt  <dewitt(at)GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 12 Jul 1994 21:09:54 -0700

My advisor, Benjamin Brinner, will be running a seminar this fall on ethnomusicological transcription, and would like any suggestions this group could offer for Macintosh-based tools to aid in musical transcription. We already know of the MacRecorder program, which allows one to digitize sound, view and play soundfiles from disk, cut and paste sound segments, and (if I remember correctly) generate spectrograms that are too crude for use in musical analysis. If you know more about MacRecorder or any other program from firsthand experience, we would appreciate any information you could offer. Other desirable features would include pitch tracking (for monophonic textures, of course), "tape-looping", finer-resolution spectrograms, and the ability to attach time-indexed annotations to a sound file. Thanks in advance, Mark DeWitt U.C. Berkeley dewitt(at)

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