Re: Mac-based sound tools (Dwayne Paschall )

Subject: Re: Mac-based sound tools
From:    Dwayne Paschall  <paschall(at)UTDALLAS.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 13 Jul 1994 13:00:39 -0500

If you have access to Matlab 4.x, there is a nice sound editing environment written by Peter Assmann called Track Draw. It includes waveform editing, Spectrogram computation, a speech synthesizer and pitch analysis. Sound playback is handled by Matlab and (I believe) by default is played over the built-in Mac. sound capabilites. You could, however, write your own play function to handle your avaliable hardware. The Track Draw package is avaliable via FTP from If you would like more information about what Track Draw can/can't do, feel free to reply to me direct at my email address below. Best wishes, Dwayne Paschall paschall(at)

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