info on time-compressed speech, and other papers. (Barry Arons )

Subject: info on time-compressed speech, and other papers.
From:    Barry Arons  <barons(at)MEDIA.MIT.EDU>
Date:    Fri, 15 Jul 1994 22:27:03 -0500

The citation that I mentioned yesterday on time-compressed speech was truncated in the redistribution process. The proper citation is: B. Arons. Techniques, Perception, and Applications of Time-Compressed Speech. In Proceedings of 1992 Conference, American Voice I/O Society, Sep. 1992, pp. 169-177. In addition to the above paper, there is a briefly annotated bibliography of papers I have been involved with. Mostly user interfaces and applications that use speech, including speech skimming, audio servers, conversational systems, and telephone-based systems. ftp cd /usr/public/pub/barons

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