Associate Editors for JASA (Larry Feth )

Subject: Associate Editors for JASA
From:    Larry Feth  <feth(at)SHS.OHIO-STATE.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 26 Jul 1994 17:52:09 -0400

The August issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America will carry the notice that there are now three Associate Editors for Psychological Acoustics. Steve Colburn has "retired" and Larry Feth has been joined by Walt Jesteadt and Toby Dye. The PACS subject classification numbers have been reassigned by Dan Martin (Editor in Chief). Authors may save some delay in processing of their manuscript by sending it directly to the Associate Editor assigned to the topic. The PACS number assignments assignments are: Toby Dye - 43.66 B (Models); G (Animal Psychoacoustics); L (Perceptual Effects); M (Temporal & Sequential); N (Phase effects); P (Binaural); Q (Localization); R (Dichotic); & Y (Instruments) Walt Jesteadt - 43.66 B (Models); C (Loudness); D (Masking); F (Discrimination); M (Temporal & Sequential) & Y (Instruments) Larry Feth - 43.66 B (Models); E (TTS); H (Pitch); J (Timbre); K ( Subj Tones); M (Temporal & Sequential); S (Deafness, etc); T (Aud. Prostheses); V (Hearing Protection); W (Tactile) & Y (Instruments). Note that Models, Temporal & Sequential, and Instruments are listed for all three Associate Editors. (Physiological Acoustics papers are still the responsibility of Rick Schmeidt) e-mail addresses for the three Associate Editors are: Walt Jesteadt: JESTEADT(at) Toby Dye: rdye(at) Larry Feth: feth(at)

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