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Subject: Audiovisual studies
Date:    Wed, 10 Aug 1994 17:58:38 +0200

Dear Auditory People, I am looking for studies on bimodal (audiovisual) control of actions, but can't find too many of them. I am convinced that the audiovisual pickup of information about the environment and our own position is somewhat more useful for action control than just the unimodal (visual or auditive), especially in the realm of sports. But it is hard for me to find acceptable studies on that. The Warren, Kim & Husney study (1987) is about the only one I could find in my catalogue. Do you happen to know of any other? Thank you! Rainer Guski (10.8.94) MAILING ADDRESS: Rainer Guski Faculty for Psychology Ruhr-University Bochum D-44780 Bochum, Germany EMAIL: RGuski(at)

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