response to Rainer Guski ("Scott D. Lipscomb" )

Subject: response to Rainer Guski
From:    "Scott D. Lipscomb"  <IZZY2OF(at)MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 10 Aug 1994 11:34:00 PDT

I attempted to send the following response to the email address provided in Rainer Guski's recent posting, but the message was returned as "undeliverable." Therefore, I am sending it via the Auditory Discusson List in the hope that it will reach him and, perhaps, others who share this area of interest: -------------------------TEXT-OF-FORWARDED-MAIL-------------------------------- Liebe Rainer: Gruss Gott! Ich habe seine Brief bei der "Auditory Discussion List" gefundet. Mein Deutsch ist schrecklich, so ich muss auf Englisch schreiben ... Whew! I saw your recent posting on the Auditory discussion list and wanted to contact you immediately for two reasons. First, I am EXTREMELY interested in any responses that you get concerning bimodal (i.e. auditory & visual) experi- mentation. I am presently working on my Ph.D. in the Dept. of Ethno- & Systematic Musicology at UCLA in California. My dissertation project is designed to investigate the alignment of the auditory and visual accent structures. As you can imagine, this requires a clear determination of what, in fact, constitutes an accent in each modality and then the interaction of the two when seen as an audio-visual composite. This is the second reason that I am writing ... I thought that my current research might be of some interest to you. In preparing my literature review, I found that your assessment appears to be quite accurate, i.e. there is NOT much literature out there. It was necessary to turn to the perceptual psychology & physiology literature to determine that --at least at this level of processing--there is a definite interaction between auditory & visual stimuli. I just presented a paper at the 3rd International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition (Liege, Belgium) that provides an in-progress report of my dissertation project. I would be happy to send you a copy of this and the literature review portion of my dissertation proposal if you think it would be helpful. You may reach me at my email address (izzy2of(at) if you would like for me to send this material. I will be on vacation until the end of August, but I hope to hear from you when I return. I would also GREATLY appreciate it if you would forward any relevant responses that you receive concerning audio-visual investigations to this same email address. I look forward to corresponding with you. Scott Lipscomb

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