is there a LaTeX macro for JASA ? (Tilak Ratnanather )

Subject: is there a LaTeX macro for JASA ?
From:    Tilak Ratnanather  <tratnana(at)EUREKA-GOLD.WBME.JHU.EDU>
Date:    Fri, 4 Feb 1994 18:19:56 EST

On the off chance that one or two subscribers to AUDITORY is a LaTeX user, I would like to know what is the appropriate *.sty and *.bst file. In particular, I have been using the newapa format but it doesnt do the year entry in boldface. Thanks....and looking forward to the ARO... Tilak Ratnanather Dept of Otolaryngology -- HNS The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Baltimore MD 21205-2196

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