ANNOUNCEMENT: SHARC Timbre Database (Greg Sandell )

Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT:  SHARC Timbre Database
From:    Greg Sandell  <sandell(at)EPUNIX.SUSX.AC.UK>
Date:    Mon, 21 Nov 1994 15:05:38 +0000

This is an announcement for the SHARC TIMBRE DATABASE Written and maintained by Gregory J. Sandell Sussex University, U.K. Release 0.90("beta"), November 1994 Web users: WHAT IS SHARC? SHARC is a database of musical timbre information by Gregory Sandell. It stands for "Sandell Harmonic Archive." People for whom this dataset may be useful are Acousticians, Psychoacousticians, researchers in Music Percepion and Cognition, researchers in Digital Signal Processing, Music Theorists, and Musicologists. Over 1300 different notes have been analysed. Complete chromatic runs from the standard playing range of essentially all the non-percussive instruments of the modern orchestra have been included; for example, individual analyses of 32 different oboe notes (the chromatic scale from the pitches a#3 to f6) are available. For each note, a short portion corresponding to the sustain or "steady state" portion of the tone was selected and analysed with a Fourier analysis. Each analysis consists of a list of amplitudes and phases for all the note's harmonics in the range 0-10,000 Hz. The source of the musical notes were the orchestral tones from the McGill University Master Samples (MUMS) Compact Discs. These are digital recordings of live musical performers. MORE INFORMATION ON SHARC The SHARC Timbre Database is described in detail in the documentation accompaning the archive. You can get this file by: 1. Anonymous ftp to; go to pub/sandell, and grab README 2. World Wide Web, via the URL Contents of the README file * WHAT IS SHARC? * RELEASE VERSION, AVAILABILITY, AUTHOR INFORMATION * PERMISSIONS * CONTENTS * INFORMATION ABOUT THE SOURCE SOUNDS * HOW IS THIS DATA USEFUL? * HOW THE ANALYSES WERE DONE * ORGANISATION OF THE DIRECTORIES * A BRIEF HISTORY OF THIS PROJECT * INFORMATION FOR WORLD WIDE WEB USERS * BUGS, INACCURACIES, WISHLIST HOW TO INSTALL SHARC Here are instructions for installing the archive on a UNIX platform. * Go to the directory where you want to install SHARC. You will need about 9 free megabytes to perform the installation. Once finished, the archive will occupy 4.5 megabytes space. * ftp to * Enter user name "anonymous" and give your full email address as a password * Type "binary" to set the transfer to binary mode * Type "get sharc.tar.Z" * When the file is finished transferring (it is about 0.8 megabytes large), leave ftp by typing "quit" * Type "uncompress sharc.tar.Z". The result of this is that sharc.tar.Z will be replaced by sharc.tar * Type "tar xf sharc.tar". This will put the archive in a directory called "sharc". * Dispose of the sharc.tar file (type "rm sharc.tar") to reclaim about 4.5 megabytes space. -- Gregory J. Sandell (sandell(at) Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex Brighton BN1 9QG England +44-273-678058 (FAX:+44-273-678611)

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