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Date:    Wed, 23 Nov 1994 11:38:36 -0500

In reply to Ed Burns and Al Bregman: Ed's criticism has some merit, and so does Al's reply. The truth is somewhere in between. Perhaps I have been lazy and should have looked up the old Fletcher and Zwicker papers that many referred me to. However, the most useful hints so far concerned relevant research not yet published: a paper by Moore and Glasberg on a revision of the Zwicker model, and research on the relative loudness of instrument tones by Pamela Goad at the University of Washington. It is this kind of information that is most useful to me. Moreover, I asked a specific question (What do current models predict about loudness as a function of fundamental frequency in complex harmonic instrument tones?) which only one person so far addressed (Richard Parncutt). But perhaps this question is difficult to answer without a spectral analysis of the tones, as predictions may differ for different instruments. Anyway, many thanks to all who have responded to my query so far! While I may not have to apologize for my laziness, I must apologize for my stupidity: By mistake I deleted half a dozen messages before reading them. (I really wanted to delete a bunch of old e-mail messages but forgot to select the old folder first.) Could those who replied to my query AFTER receiving Ed Burns' comment please send their messages again? I am very sorry. Bruno Repp

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