Re: Sheffield Meeting (Phil Green )

Subject: Re: Sheffield Meeting
From:    Phil Green  <P.Green(at)DCS.SHEF.AC.UK>
Date:    Thu, 24 Nov 1994 09:58:38 GMT

Pierre Divenyi writes (about the meeting in Sheffield on 'Links between Speech Technol;ogy, Phonetics and Hearing): > This meeting sounds extremely interesting on several levels. Will there > be proceedings published, papers collated or posted on the network, or > at least the abstracts circulated? Some of us will just not be able to > get to England in January... > We will circulate abstracts but there won't be any proper proceedings. The meeting was originally intended primarily for the UK community, but it's clear that we have struck a rich vein. Perhaps there should be some kind of follow-up, or a more formal occasion with proceedings. What do people think? - responses to me & I will summarise. There is the proposed Computational ASA workshop at IJCAI-95 to look forward to of course. --- ********************************* Dr Phil Green Speech and Hearing Research Group Department of Computer Science University of Sheffield Regent Court 211 Portobello St., Sheffield S1 4DP UK phone: (44) 114 282 5578 fax: (44) 114 278 0972 email: *********************************

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