Conference on modeling SNHL (Walt Jesteadt )

Subject: Conference on modeling SNHL
From:    Walt Jesteadt  <jesteadt(at)BOYSTOWN.ORG>
Date:    Thu, 8 Dec 1994 10:06:26 CDT

To: Auditory List From: Walt Jesteadt I sent the material below on an upcoming conference out to about 200 people 2 weeks ago, from a list we had assembled here. Jont Allen suggested sending it to the auditory list, which I was unaware existed. Now that I am on the list, I am sending the information again, with the hope of reaching a few people who did not get the orignal mailing. For those of you who did, please ignore this message. There is nothing new here. Modeling Sensorineural Hearing Loss June 10-11, 1995 A conference on modeling sensorineural hearing loss will be held at Boys Town on June 10-11, 1995. I am sending this email notice to everyone on the email list we are assembling for the conference, including a few core groups I have mailed to in the past and to those who have requested more information after reading one of the recent notices. I will send out additional email updates as information becomes available, in an effort to ensure that everyone has as much information as possible. We will also begin old fashioned hardcopy mailings soon. Email is quick, easy, and cheap, so those on the email list will always have the latest information. We are in the process of developing larger mailing lists. Please feel free to forward the messages to anybody that you think might be interested. Those not receiving this email directly from Walt Jesteadt should send email to Jesteadt(at) to get on the list for future direct mailings. Those without email should write to: Walt Jesteadt, BTNRH, 555 N. 30th Street, Omaha, NE 68131 Subject Matter Many people who do hearing research are involved in various ways in modeling sensorineural hearing loss. These modeling efforts take several different forms. Some are focused on simulating hearing losses as closely as possible in listeners with normal hearing as a means of controlling for level effects. Others are concerned with fitting data from listeners with hearing loss in a way that will allow them to predict performance for these individuals under various more adverse listening conditions. Measures of performance range from loudness functions and properties of auditory filters to speech perception. Others are concerned with predicting the degree of hearing loss that will occur under various noise exposure conditions and the relation between temporary and permanent threshold shift. Still others are concerned with models and data at the neural or mechanical level that have direct implications for our understanding of the properties of sensorineural hearing loss. Finally, there is great interest in optimum demonstrations of the properties of residual hearing for various degrees of hearing loss, so that those with normal hearing can gain a better understanding of what it is like to have a hearing loss. A conference to discuss these issues will be held at the Boys Town National Research Hospital on June 10-11, 1995. Recent data and models will be presented in a format that encourages discussion. Schedule and Format The conference is scheduled for Sat-Sun, June 10-11. That is a full week after the spring meeting of the Acoustical Society of America. The dates were chosen to make it feasible for foreign friends attending the ASA meeting to include the conference as part of the same trip. Current plans call for approximately 30 presentations of 20 min each, including discussion. Presenters and co-authors will include Jont Allen, Soren Buus, Judy Dubno, Larry Humes, Walt Jesteadt, Mary Florentine and Marjorie Leek. We will follow a format similar to that of the European hearing research meetings. Presenters will be asked to submit 8-10 page papers in camera-ready format and as computer text files that will be circulated in advance of the conference to encourage discussion. Proceedings will be published as soon after the meeting as possible. With the exception of a few keynote talks, all presentations will be on topics selected by the presenters. The conference will be held in a 130-seat auditorium on the Boys Town campus designed for interactive meetings. Timetable Abstracts (200 words or less) should be submitted to Walt Jesteadt by Feb. 15, 1995. Notices of acceptance will be sent out by March 1st. Presenters will be asked to submit 8-10 page papers by May 1st and copies of those papers will be distributed to all presenters by May 15th. Comments concerning other papers will be due June 5th. Lodging and Registration A block of rooms has been reserved for Friday and Saturday night, at the Holiday Inn, Old Mill, near the Boys Town campus. The rate with all taxes included is approximately $60 per night for a single or double room. A registration fee of $100 per person will allow us to provide transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the conference itself, lunch on Saturday at the conference, and a reception at the Boys Town National Research Hospital Saturday evening with tours of the facilities. The registration fee will be waived for presenters. A brochure providing more detailed information will be sent to you in January.

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