Re: Recorded Environmental Sounds (Lonce LaMar Wyse )

Subject: Re: Recorded Environmental Sounds
From:    Lonce LaMar Wyse  <lwyse(at)ISS.NUS.SG>
Date:    Thu, 22 Dec 1994 11:38:02 +0800

Dear Gary et al.l other environmental sound folks, Here is part of a "Nature Sounds" Resource list found in the excellent journal Experimental Musical Instruments "for the design, construction and enjoyment of unusual sound sources" (P.O. Box 784, Nicasio, CA 94946, USA). - lonce Sound Libraries: Califormia Library of Natural Sounds (Curator: Paul Matzner) Oakland Museum Natural Sciences Dept. 1000 Oak Street, Oakland, CA 94607 Library of Natural Sounds (Greg Budney) Laboratory of Ornithology, Cornell University 159 Sapsucker Woods Road Ithica, NY 14850 The Bioacoustic Archives (Dr. J.W. Hardy) Florida State Museum University of florida, Gainsville, FL 32611 Borrer Library of Bioacoustics Dept. of Zoology, Ohio State Unviersity 1735 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1293 British Library of Wildlife Sounds (Ron Kettle) British Institute of Recorded Sound 29 Exhibition Road London, SW 7 2AS Museo de Zooligia (Dr. Anna Omedes) Apartato de Correus 593 Barcelona, Spain 08037 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lonce Wyse Institute for Systems Science Tel: +65-772-3111 National University of Singapore Fax: +65-774-4998 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Kent Ridge internet: lwyse(at) SINGAPORE 0511 acoustic: Yo, Lonce!

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