KEMAR microphones (Guy Brown )

Subject: KEMAR microphones
From:    Guy Brown  <G.Brown(at)DCS.SHEF.AC.UK>
Date:    Wed, 9 Mar 1994 09:19:57 GMT

Dear all, We have just taken delivery of a KEMAR manikin, and are in the process of sorting out some microphones for it. Bruel and Kjaer make suitable mics, but a two-ear setup with a power supply etc. costs 4000-5000 pounds. This is much more than we anticipated... Did anyone out there with a KEMAR actually pay this much for their mics? Is there a cheaper option? I contacted the auditory list a while ago and someone suggested that a manufacturer called Entopic (??) makes cheaper mics. Does anyone have more info on this? Many thanks, Guy ____ Dr. Guy J. Brown Department of Computer Science University of Sheffield Regent Court 211 Portobello Street Sheffield S1 4DP United Kingdom Email: g.brown(at) Tel: (+44) 0742 825568 Fax: (+44) 0742 789072

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