lipsync ("Ronald M. Aarts" )

Subject: lipsync
From:    "Ronald M. Aarts"  <rmaarts(at)PRL.PHILIPS.NL>
Date:    Mon, 21 Mar 1994 09:14:39 +0100

Dear Multiple recipients of list AUDITORY, Please can you give me some references to articles concerning the threshold of detectability of delay between the seen and heard, eg. the 'lipsync' for television. There is a CCIR Report (nr. 1081-1) which says that 20ms advance or 40ms delay has found to be detectable, but I'm looking for a less concise report... Thanks in advance, Ronald Aarts --------------------------------------------------------------------- | Ronald M. Aarts | voice: +31 40 743149 Philips Research Labs. WOII | fax: +31 40 742630 Prof. Holstlaan 4 | email: rmaarts(at) 5656 AA Eindhoven | The Netherlands | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------

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