Re: Your research (Pierre Divenyi )

Subject: Re: Your research
From:    Pierre Divenyi  <pdivenyi(at)SIG.ENST.FR>
Date:    Fri, 1 Apr 1994 12:11:49 --100

Dear Al, I am truly sorry that I could not find time for the dinner I was talking about. Unfortunately, there have been many-many more things to take care of, before departing for Paris via Washington/NIH, than I had suspected. In any case, here I am, trying to get adjusted to Paris and the Parisians. I should have a desk of my own soon, and will be moving in my minuscule studio this weekend (a long one, don't forget, the French consider all holidays sacred, even the secular ones, and they become very catholic when it comes to celebrating Easter Monday). I shall be with my friends in Meaux, mainly to keep my expenses to the minimum, since the first stipend I am to receive will hit my new French bank account (balance: 00.00 FF) toward the end of the month, if everything works out fine. And the dollar is falling. Saw Rene Carre and Bjorn Lindblom. Bjorn and I will be living in the same university housing and will walk to and from work together. He is an extraordinarily imaginative and honest thinker; I feel privileged to spend time with him. Our project is still somewhat vague, although it will have to do with testing the theory that there are "lateral" connections between speech production and perception, i.e., one does not need to go all the way up to the highest-order processes to perceive a phonetic sequence as speech. This sentence, of course, is a very coarse and inaccurate summary of what the three of us have been talking about -- only a basic thrust. Hope you and Abigail are doing well. You can send me mail as before -- it is being forwarded. All the best wishes to both of you, Pierre PS: I agree with your second point, but not with the first: All my published papers are a lot better than the versions I submitted originally. And I am also trying to be helpful to others, as a reviewer. :s f_breg1 s f_breg1

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