Re: schools? ("Lawrence L. Feth" )

Subject: Re: schools?
From:    "Lawrence L. Feth"  <feth(at)SHS.OHIO-STATE.EDU>
Date:    Tue, 26 Apr 1994 14:36:46 EDT

At 1:15 PM 4/26/94 -0500, mari Riess Jones wrote: >I sometimes have undergraduates ask me about two year programs in sound >engineering for film, music industry. I never know what to tell them. >Does anyone out there have suggestions about good programs that >prepare folks for jobs in these fields. Recent inquiries have asked >about sound/audio engineering training programs in the L.A. or southern >Calif. area. >Thanks in advance for any advice. > >mari jones A few years ago the Audio Engineering Society maintained a listing of schools by length of program. That is, less than two years, two year Associate degree programs and bachelors programs. I have since dropped my membership in AES, but I bet they still have the listings. Larry Feth

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