Re: Pitch Memory (Rebecca Mercuri )

Subject: Re: Pitch Memory
From:    Rebecca Mercuri  <mercuri(at)GRADIENT.CIS.UPENN.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 9 Aug 1995 01:29:04 -0400

Regarding the pitch memory process, t know if anyone mentioned (I'm a tad behind on emails) yet the fact that many people when asked to sing a commercial or theme from a TV show, will sing it in the "correct" key. Especially kids. You have to also figure in the physical memory that people have related to the action of matching a pitch. Pitch memory is more common than is indicated by random (short term) tests. Also, people tend to do a lot of things easily (math, swimming,...) until they get the idea that they are supposed to be hard. Pitch memory is just one of these things. Rebecca Mercuri.

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