Re: DAT-PC hookup (Dan Freed )

Subject: Re: DAT-PC hookup
From:    Dan Freed  <dfreed(at)SONIC.COM>
Date:    Wed, 20 Sep 1995 15:33:31 PDT

Date 9.20.95 Subject RE>DAT-PC hookup From Dan Freed To Auditory List Subject: RE>DAT-PC hookup Malcolm Slaney wrote: >Alternatively, Digidesign sells a card for the Macintosh (everbody's >favorite PC :-) that lets you load DAT data into the MAC via the AES/EBU >digital bus. >P.S. In a related issue, all the recent Apple CDROM drives let you read >audio data directly off the CD (via the SCSI bus). I don't know if this is >true for other manufacturers. Sonic Solutions also sells Macintosh cards with AES/EBU interfaces. (Pardon the shameless promotion of my employer!) Toshiba CD-ROM drives can read audio data over the SCSI bus. This is still a fairly rare feature on CD-ROM drives. Aside from Apple (a.k.a. Sony) and Toshiba, I know of no others. Warning: audio CDs are not truly random access. You can't seek to an arbitrary sample precisely, only within a several-millisecond window. - Dan Freed (dfreed(at)

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