Re: DAT-PC hookup (Ken Ferens )

Subject: Re: DAT-PC hookup
From:    Ken Ferens  <ferens(at)EE.UMANITOBA.CA>
Date:    Wed, 20 Sep 1995 14:19:30 -0500

> Has anyone interfaced a DAT player with a PC to transfer digital > recordings directly to hard disk? The few studio-quality DAT players > that I have looked into are not configured to make the task easy (e.g., > there is no RS-232 port). I would like to hear about successes > and failures. > > - Mark > mpitt(at) > We have a Sony PCM-2300 DAT recorder/player to be connected to a 8100/100 AV power mac for multimedia developing/recording. One of the ways we have investigated regarding connecting the DAT recorder/player to our mac is through a card that plugs into the motherboard. We have inquired about such a card, and recommended to us was the Pro Tools III by DigiDesign. This system is a professional digital audio production system, but too expensive, about 10k. I don't believe an RS-232 port is capable of handling the data rate of a DAT, since an RS-232 maximum rate is 115 000 bps, while a DAT's rate is 16*2*48000 = 1 536 000 bps. If all you want is to save the digital data from a DAT to your PC's hard disk, then perhaps you can get a backup tape drive that accepts the format of your DAT player. Connect the backup tape drive to your PC, put the DAT tape into the tape drive, and then transfer the data from tape to your hard disk. -Ken

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