Call for Papers (Lonce LaMar Wyse )

Subject: Call for Papers
From:    Lonce LaMar Wyse  <lwyse(at)ISS.NUS.SG>
Date:    Mon, 6 Mar 1995 10:01:40 +0800

August Audites, The organizers of this conference are particularly interested in input from auditory people. - lonce -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- CALL FOR PAPERS ACM-Springer Multimedia Systems Special issue on Multimedia and Multisensory Virtual Worlds Submissions due: May 15, 1995 Virtual worlds are going beyond 3D graphics and are beginning to use multimedia and multisensory technologies such as video, spatial sound, speech, images, haptic and tactile feedback, and wind and heat sensation. This has led to new applications for virtual worlds in science, engineering, medicine, business, training, entertainment and arts to explore physical environments that exist remotely (telepresence), or simulated environments that do not or could not exist; to enrich existing environments (augmented realities); and to develop physical analogues for abstract quantitative and organizational data. Original, unpublished research and practice & experience papers are sought that address issues in the design, implementation, and evaluation of virtual worlds that use multimedia and multisensory technologies. Topics include, but are not limited to: multimedia and multisensory interfaces for virtual worlds software architectures for using multimedia in virtual worlds enhancing presence with multimedia and multisensory technologies distributed and multi-user virtual worlds knowledge-based multimedia world modeling manual and automated multimedia world design facilities navigation, search, and retrieval in large multimedia virtual worlds novel applications in visualizing, exploring and manipulating rich multimedia information spaces evaluation of the effectiveness of multimedia virtual worlds, and their impact on users, applications, and organizations 5 copies of each manuscript should be submitted to the special issue editor at the address below. For papers that do not include color pictures, email submission is encouraged. Gurminder Singh Institute of Systems Science National University of Singapore Kent Ridge, Heng Mui Keng Terrace Singapore 0511 REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE Phone: +65 772-3651 Fax: +65 774-4998 Email: gsingh(at) Submission May 15, 1995 Notification August 31, 1995 Revision September 31, 1995 Publication December, 1995

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