Preprint available on auditory scene analysi (DeLiang Wang )

Subject: Preprint available on auditory scene analysi
From:    DeLiang Wang  <dwang(at)CIS.OHIO-STATE.EDU>
Date:    Fri, 6 Oct 1995 11:20:09 -0400

The following preprint is available via FTP/WWW: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Primitive Auditory Segregation Based on Oscillatory Correlation ------------------------------------------------------------------ DeLiang Wang Cognitive Science: Accepted for publication The Ohio State University Auditory scene analysis is critical for complex auditory processing. We study auditory segregation from the neural network perspective, and develop a framework for primitive auditory scene analysis. The architecture is a laterally coupled two-dimensional network of relaxation oscillators with a global inhibitor. One dimension represents time and another one represents frequency. We show that this architecture, plus systematic delay lines, can in real time group auditory features into a stream by phase synchrony and segregate different streams by desynchronization. The network demonstrates a set of psychological phenomena regarding primitive auditory scene analysis, including dependency on frequency proximity and the rate of presentation, sequential capturing, and competition among different perceptual organizations. We offer a neurocomputational theory - shifting synchronization theory - for explaining how auditory segregation might be achieved in the brain, and the psychological phenomenon of stream segregation. Possible extensions of the model are discussed. (42 pages + one figure = 1.5MB + 600 KB) for anonymous ftp: FTP-HOST: Directory: /pub/leon/Wang95 FTP-filenames:, or for WWW: Comments are most welcome - Please send to DeLiang Wang (dwang(at) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- FTP instructions: To retrieve and print the files, use the following commands: unix> ftp Name: anonymous Password: (your email address) ftp> binary ftp> cd /pub/leon/Wang95 ftp> get ftp> get ftp> quit unix> uncompress unix> uncompress unix> lpr {each of the two postscript files} ( may not ghostview well - some figures do not show up with my ghostview - but it should print ok) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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