Reference request (Rene van Egmond )

Subject: Reference request
From:    Rene van Egmond  <egmond(at)NICI.KUN.NL>
Date:    Fri, 3 Nov 1995 08:24:35 +0100

Dear colleague, We are in search for any good reference(s) on neurophysiological and/or neuropsychological knowledge (data and theory) concerning the connection(s) of the auditory system with the subcortical structure(s) like the arousal system. In particular, references are appreciated that can be used in classes of music psychology. Please send information to either Piet Vos (vos(at) or Rene van Egmond (egmond(at) Thanking you in advance, Rene van Egmond and Piet Vos Rene van Egmond Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information University of Nijmegen P.O. Box 9104 6500 HE NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands Telephone: *-31-24-3612619 TeleFax: *-31-24-3616066

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