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From:    Stefan Muenkner  <stefan(at)PHYSIK3.GWDG.DE>
Date:    Wed, 22 Mar 1995 19:30:01 +0100

Dear list members, I was asked for some references on books (preferably textbooks or conference proceedings) that connect physiology/neurophysiology and music perception. I am working in psychoacoustics but I am not familiar with this specific topic. Someone pointed towards Helmholtz' "Lehre von den Tonempfindungen" but I thought there should be something more recent. I would be glad if anyone could help me. Thanks in advance, Stefan Stefan Muenkner | stefan(at)physik3.gwdg.de III. Physikalisches Institut | Buergerstrasse 42-44 | voice +49 551 397730 D-37073 Goettingen | fax +49 551 397720 Germany | home +49 551 77422

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