Enquiry about the work on computational auditory model. (Chen Ke )

Subject: Enquiry about the work on computational auditory model.
From:    Chen Ke  <chenke(at)PKU.EDU.CN>
Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 1995 12:05:32 +0800

Hi, My research interest lies in the field of computational auditory model. To my best knowledge, almost all of work in this field focuses in the peripheral auditory model. Little work on the central auditory, auditory path and auditory cortex has already been reported. As a result, I want to investigate aforementioned work and conduct my research. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me pointers. Best Regards, Ke Chen #=============================================================================# # Dr. Ke Chen, Associate Professor Tel: +86-10-2501935(O) # # National Lab of Machine Perception +86-10-2585703(H) # # The Center of Information Science Fax: +86-10-2501207,2563883 # # Peking University Email: chenke(at)pku.edu.cn # # Beijing 100871, China chen(at)cis.pku.edu.cn # #=============================================================================#

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