Postdoc positions at U. Toronto (Dan Ellis )

Subject: Postdoc positions at U. Toronto
From:    Dan Ellis  <dpwe(at)MEDIA.MIT.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 12 Apr 1995 15:57:30 -0400

Dear List - I was sent the enclosed announcement by Bruce Schneider of the University of Toronto for posting to the list. -- DAn Ellis <dpwe(at)> -- AUDITORY list administrator Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 15:17:57 -0400 From: bschneid(at) (Bruce Schneider) Subject: Postdoc announcement University of Toronto Department of Psychology Research Group on Speech Understanding in the Elderly Postdoctoral Positions One, and possibly two, postdoctoral positions are available beginning July 1, 1995. We are looking for candidates with a Ph.D. in either auditory psychophysics, speech perception, and/or cognitive psychology who would be interested in working in the area of speech understanding in the elderly. Because both perceptual and cognitive factors may contribute to the difficulties encountered by the elderly in understanding speech in everyday situations, we would be particularly interested in candidates who have some background and/or training in both of these areas. The Research Group on Speech Understanding in the Elderly consists of three faculty members at the University of Toronto (Bruce Schneider, Fergus I. M. Craik, & Meredyth Daneman) ; two faculty members at the University of British Columbia (M. K. Pichora-Fuller, and Murray Hodgson), two research technicians, one full-time programmer, one postdoctoral fellow and several graduate students. Facilities at the University of Toronto include 3 sound-attenuating chambers with associated work-stations, and an established pool of elderly volunteers. We presently have funds to support one postdoctoral fellow for two years, beginning July 1, 1995, with the possibility of a renewal for a third year. There is also the possibility of supporting a second postdoctoral fellow for at least one year. Interested candidates should send curriculum vitae, and a statement of research interests to Dr. Bruce Schneider Erindale Campus University of Toronto Mississauga, Ontario L5L 1C6 Canada Telephone: (905) 828-3963 Fax: (905) 569-4326 email: schneid(at)

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