Audio-CD writer software (Kai Crispien )

Subject: Audio-CD writer software
From:    Kai Crispien  <kai(at)KT.TU-COTTBUS.DE>
Date:    Wed, 21 Jun 1995 11:59:09 +0100

Hello everybody, we are looking for a software to write audio CDs (Red Book) with a PC, using MS-Windows (3.11, 95 - if ever available?). It should work with the Phillips CCD522 CD-recorder. Does anyone has some experiences res. a recommendation which software product might be on the top since there are a couple of programs around? Thanks in advanve, Cheers, Kai ****************************** PS: Lots of thanks to everybody who replied on my last request, concerning spatial audio for audio/videoconferencing. ************************************************************************* Kai Crispien M.A. TU-Cottbus Tel: ++49 355 692128/84 Fakultaet III, Ls Kommunikationstechnik Fax: ++49 355 692150 Karl Marx Str. 17 email: kai(at) D-03044 Cottbus www: Germany *************************************************************************

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