Synthesiser/PowerSynthesiser 0.86 - ABSTRACT (Paul Russell )

Subject: Synthesiser/PowerSynthesiser 0.86 - ABSTRACT
From:    Paul Russell  <P.T.Russell(at)SUSSEX.AC.UK>
Date:    Fri, 23 Jun 1995 17:24:13 +0100

Apologies - I forgot to include in my previous message the abstract which tells you what Synthesiser actually is: ABSTRACT This distribution contains the Synthesiser and PowerSynthesiser applications (version 0.86), user manual, software libraries and programming example. The Synthesiser application can be used to design and test complex stimuli for use in psychoacoustic experimentation, and the accompanying libraries can be incorporated into user programs to enable real-time playback of these stimuli. Requirements for Synthesiser are: a Macintosh(TM) with 68020 CPU or better, or a Power Macintosh(TM), with one or more NuBus(TM) slots, System Software version 7.0 or later, one or more DigiDesign AudioMedia(TM), AudioMedia II(TM), Sound Accelerator(TM), Sound Accelerator II(TM) or Pro Tools(TM) boards. Requirements for PowerSynthesiser are: a Power Macintosh(TM). The user manual is in Microsoft Word(TM) 6.0 format. --- | Paul Russell | | Experimental Psychology email: P.T.Russell(at) | | Sussex University, Falmer phone: +44 1273 678639 | | Brighton BN1 9QG, England fax: +44 1273 678611 |

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